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  • 365 Data Science

    365 Data Science

    Become an in-demand #DataScience professional TODAY with Unlimited access to the 365 Data Science Program -> https://365datascience.com

  • Rashi Desai

    Rashi Desai

    Data Analyst from Chicago // Everyone loves a good story & I tell mine with data!

  • Dr. Varshita Sher

    Dr. Varshita Sher

    Data Scientist @ Alan Turing Institute | Explain like I am 5 | Oxford & SFU Alumni | https://podurama.com

  • Arunn Thevapalan

    Arunn Thevapalan

    Senior Data Scientist & Top 1000 Writer. I write about my journey breaking into data science and building profitable side-hustles — friends.arunnthevapalan.com

  • Tejas Khare

    Tejas Khare

    AI enthusiast | Exploring stuff | BTech Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Rukshan Pramoditha

    Rukshan Pramoditha

    Bring data into actionable insights

  • Shiksha Prabanchan

    Shiksha Prabanchan

  • Ankur Gautam

    Ankur Gautam

    Ankur Gautam is a seasoned HR professional with 16 years of extensive experience in various HR genres.

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