It is the most basic and widely used technique to predict a value of an attribute

What is Linear Regression?

There are some assumptions that may become useful when we analyze our model to check whether it is accurate or not

Essential statistic principles to get you started on your Data Science journey.

we all are cognizant of the enormous impact of statistics in the field of data science in this data-driven world. Finding patterns, trends, and making predictions are the most significant steps in data science. Here we gonna discuss some basics terms of the statistical world which play a crucial role in statistical data analysis.

Data types and individuals in data

Individuals: individuals are the people or objects included in the study. An individual is what the data is describing. In a table like this, each individual is represented by one row. Sometimes they are also called identifiers.

Variable: Variable depicts information of individuals that is acquired…

Difference between covariance and correlation.

Introduction :

Covariance and Correlation are two mathematical principles that are frequently used in the field of statistics and probability. These both techniques have a common goal, to depict the linear relationship between two variable or data samples.

Covariance :

The covariance determines the relationship between two random variables or samples — how they change together. Or in other words we can say that Covariance is a measure of how much two random variables fluctuate together.

Covariance is nothing but a measure of correlation. Covariance denotes the direction of the linear relationship between the two data variables. By finding direction of relationship we can…

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